Current Opportunities

We have recently filled our openings for postdoctoral fellows in the lab. If you have ideas for collaborative grant applications to bring your skills to Northwestern, please get in touch! We will update this site as new funding opportunities arise.

Student positions

We are always interested in creative and motivated Masters and Ph.D. students to join our team through Biomedical Engineering and NUIN. The deadline to apply to these programs is typically in December.

As of September 2019, Northwestern is home to an NIH-funded Graduate Training Program in MRI that funds PhD students in BME pursuing MRI-related research, and supports their training with grant writing mentoring, journal clubs and seminars, hands-on hardware and safety workshops, and clinical rotations. For more details, see the TPMRI homepage:

Undergraduate students at Northwestern University looking for summer research projects or research for credit during the academic year (e.g., BME 399 or 499) are always encouraged to get in touch!